MSA Bacharach H25-IR PRO CO2, 6 ft Smart Probe

SKU: 3016-5311

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MSA Bacharach’s H25-IR PRO is an industrial-grade refrigerant leak detector and gas analyzer that uses proprietary leak quantification technology for accurate and reliable operation. Capable of detecting over 40 commonly used refrigerants and halogen gases, the H25-IR PRO even detects R600a and R-290. Used to locate and quantify gas leaks, the H25-IR PRO can also summate a group of leaks in a system.

A new menu system simplifies set up and operation while preserving digital numeric leak rate display.


  • Exclusive NDIR Sensor Technology
  • Equipped with Advanced Leak Quantification (ALQ) Technology
  • Infrared Technology
  • Automatic calculation of leak rate regardless of flow rate
  • Assortment of various sized probes
  • Data logging and comprehensive diagnostics


  • Fast response to leaks - Under 1 second Detects leaks as small as 0.03 oz/yr (0.9 g/yr)
  • Saves time by eliminating the need for periodic adjustments to a calibrated reference leak source
  • Quickly and accurately pinpoint leaks. Extend sensor life and minimize false alarms.
  • Quickly provides numeric leak rate display
  • Fits specific applications
  • Keep track of system parameters

H25-IR PRO Probe Options

  • Smart Probe

Features an LCD display to show leak rate and an LED indicator to signal the leak rate frequency or a defined threshold. Most functions, setups and features can be accessed via the probe’s keypad.

  • LED + Button Probe

Features a button to zero the unit or switch between search and measure modes. The LED provides visual feedback of the leak rate frequency or a defined threshold.

  • Standard Probe

Features a flexible hose to pinpoint leaks. Does not provide visual feedback or allow user input.

Part Number: 3016-5311