LAE Control Equipment



LAE Electronic SPA, is a temperature controls systems manufacturer located Ordezo Italy. For over 40 years LAE Electronic has provided technologic innovative products worldwide in over 60 countries. The company employs the most innovative and experienced electronic control systems designers trained in providing excellent controls solutions with focus on energy savings and high quality to major manufacturing companies worldwide.

The driving force behind LAE Electronic has been their experienced research and development team. Each product is designed and manufactured with speed and reliability, always aimed in exceeding Customer expectation. LAE Electronic supplies high quality choices in:

* Temperature controller * humidity pressure controller * Refrigeration controller * Timers * Compressor pack controller * Monitoring, Data Logging & Teleservicing * Probes

LAE Electronic has strong focus on research to protect the earth’s resources. LAE has developed unique self-learned algorithms, with proven reliability and efficiency for optimizing management based on the operating conditions of the refrigeration system.

LAE has achieved the Carbon Zero International certification showing the company’s commitment to minimizing environmental impact.

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