Copeland Emerson Wireless Gateway 902MHz

SKU: 814-3550

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Copeland Emerson’s Wireless Module System allows for quick and easy monitoring of a variety of refrigeration and HVAC applications by connecting temperature probes, product simulators, humidity probes or switches to the Wireless Module that transmits these signals to the Wireless Gateway.

The Gateway translates the signal into usable information to send to the building controller, E2 (version 4.08 or higher) or Site Supervisor, where the data can be logged into reports or used by algorithms to make control decisions. The Wireless Module is flexible and configurable with up to 3 analog or digital inputs, eliminating installation materials and costly labor-intensive wiring.


  • Wireless Gateway can receive signals from up to 99 Wireless Modules
  • 100ft range, extendable with the use of repeaters
  • Strong 902MHz signal able to pass through most objects with proper layout
  • Range analysis and diagnostics integrated into the E2 and Site Supervisor
  • Compatible with 3rd party wireless 902MHz components for HVAC control, refrigeration system monitoring and control, as well as lighting controls.

Part Number: 814-3550