Copeland Emerson VAV Smart Thermostat

SKU: 809-8002

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VAV Smart Thermostat

The Smart Thermostat is designed to interface with any VAV-Series controller to provide precision local temperature sensing, information display of system status, and a variety of control functions that can be accessed by room occupants. The Smart Thermostat has a LCD display providing real-time access to temperature and other system information such as setpoint, occupancy status, and HVAC mode.

Occupants can view and adjust environmental settings to their liking, override the HVAC mode, and view and adjust the setpoint and fan speed for improved personal comfort.

A password-protected technician mode allows an installer to perform commissioning and troubleshooting. When connected with the VAV series, commissioning can start immediately after installation, as the sensor can be used as a hand-held tool to select the appropriate controller application for the type of HVAC equipment to be controlled and perform air balancing of the system without requiring an onsite controls engineer, and to troubleshoot the system.

The VAV Smart Thermostat is provided with mounting hardware with a separate sub-base for installation on dry wall or an electrical junction box.

Part Number: 809-8002