Copeland Emerson Momentary Pushbutton Switch

SKU: 118-1090

Copeland Emerson's Momentary Contact Pushbutton is a single pole, high amperage switch, suitable for all back panel applications.


  • Rugged switch mechanism ensures long life
  • Mounting hardware consists of nickel plated hex nut and knurled nut
  • Black plastic pushbutton with nickel plated brass bushing
  • Suitable for back panel applications
  • Phenolic base + 150 degrees C

Product Specifications

  • Electrical Specification: SPST
  • Circuitry: Off - (ON)
  • Switch Ratings: 15 Amp, 125 Vac; 10 Amp, 250 Vac
  • Indoor, Outdoor and Skylight: Transducers
  • Pressure and Refrigerant: Indoor Air Quality
  • Part Number: 118-1090