Emerson E2 RX-400 ECHELON Refrigeration Controller

SKU: 845-1401

The E2 RX controls refrigeration systems in supermarkets and other commercial buildings. It is primarily designed to control temperature and defrost in refrigerated cases to help safeguard food and reduce energy costs.

  • The RX-400 controller is Emerson's highest profile refrigeration controller for compressor rack systems.
  • The RX-400 is a great option to consider for compressor racks with the need to operate a large number of case controllers (49 to 64 devices).
  • The RX-400 comes standard with control for four suction groups, two condensers, and sixty-four standard or case control refrigeration circuits. The expanded number of applications makes the RX-400 a good choice to operate two compressor rack systems with one controller.
  • Installation is quick and simple for refrigeration technicians with moderate experience in control systems.
  • The RX-400 can be networked with Emerson Multiflex boards & Emerson Climate Technology devices to create a comprehensive refrigeration rack control system.
  • Requires a dedicated 24VAC transformer with a minimum capacity of 50VA.
  • Hunter Liberty’s 50VA transformer (part number 640-0040) is recommended for this application.
  • Mounts on a vertical surface and requires a minimum space of 12” wide x 13” tall for installation.


  • Operates systems economically with a sophisticated enterprise-wide facility management system
  • Communicates directly with compressors
  • Safeguards valuable perishable products
  • Seamlessly interfaces with third-party devices using Echelon, Modbus and BACnet
  • Saves both energy and maintenance dollars

Part Number: 845-1401