Emerson E2 CX-100 Refrigeration and HVAC Controller

SKU: 845-3100

The E2 CX controls HVAC, lighting, and refrigeration systems for convenience store and small-box retail facilities. It provides energy-efficient control of rooftop units as well as refrigeration and defrost control of display cases and walk-in boxes.

  • The CX-100 building controller is designed to control refrigeration, HVAC, & lighting applications in c-store & small retail shops.

  • The CX-100 offers the most common control applications of the E2 platform at the lowest price point.

  • The CX-100 provides a good return on investment for projects with limited budgets.

  • Installation is quick and simple for technicians with moderate experience in control systems.

  • The CX-100 can be networked with Emerson Multiflex boards to create a effective control system.

  • Requires a dedicated 24VAC transformer with a minimum capacity of 50VA.

  • Hunter Liberty’s 50VA transformer (part number 640-0040) is recommended for this application.

  • Mounts on a vertical surface and requires a minimum space of 12” wide x 13” tall for installation.


  • Advanced Rooftop Control Up to 32

  • AHU 4, 6 or 8

  • Energy Control 1 demand control application

  • Energy Monitoring 30 energy meters

  • Refrigeration monitoring Up to 64 case controls

  • Part Number: 845-3100


  • Operates systems economically with a sophisticated enterprise-wide facility management system

  • Communicates directly with compressors

  • Safeguards valuable perishable products

  • Seamlessly interfaces with third-party devices using Echelon, Modbus and BACnet

  • Saves both energy and maintenance dollars