Danfoss AK-CC55 Compact Case Controller

This is a single unit version of the industrial pack 084B4181.

SKU: 084B4081

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AK-CC55 is a complete refrigeration appliance control with great flexibility to adapt to refrigeration appliances and cold storage rooms. AK-CC55 Compact, Single Coil, and Multi Coil controllers are optimized to control refrigerated display cases or cold rooms with electronic expansion valve type AKV.

In addition to the valve output, the controllers hold a pressure input, temperature sensor inputs, digital inputs as well as an analogue output and relay outputs that can be applied to numerous functionalities in a refrigeration system.

The temperature in the appliance is registered by temperature sensors in the air flow before the evaporator and after the evaporator. A setting for thermostat, alarm thermostat and display reading determines the influence the sensor values should have for the control functions. Additional sensors can be used for registration and alarming of the temperature near the food items, registration of the temperature of the evaporator and also as defrosting sensors.


  • Universal controller for several different refrigeration appliances
  • Quick set-up with predefined settings
  • Easy configuration and service using a mobile app with Bluetooth
  • Energy optimization of the whole refrigeration appliance
  • Adaptive Minimum Stable Superheat (MSS) control is performed with lowest possible superheat
  • Allows the suction pressure to be raised several degrees
  • Adaptive Liquid Control (ALC) can be performed with superheat down to 0 degrees on transcritical CO2 systems with liquid ejectors
  • Adaptive Defrost (AK-CC55 Single Coil only) that saves energy and increase food quality by only performing the defrost needed to keep the evaporator ice free.

Product Details

    • Analog Inputs (AI) [pc]: 5 pc
    • Analog Outputs (AO) [pc]: 1 pc
    • Communication Built-In: MODBUS
    • Communication Type: MODBUS
    • Controller Type: Case Controller Compact
    • Digital Inputs (DI) [pc]: 1 pc
    • Digital Outputs (DO) [pc]: 4 pc
    • Frequency [Hz]: 50/60 Hz
    • Function: TXV/AKV, Pe, 3 Relays
    • Product Features: CO2 compliant, Pe Signal, S2 Injection control
    • Supply Voltage [V] AC [max]: 230 V
    • Supply Voltage [V] AC [min]: 115 V
    • Temp. Sensor Support:
      • NTC 5000
      • NTC10000
      • PTC 1000
      • Pt 1000
    • Type: AK-CC55 Compact
    • Valve Output Type: AKV/TEV

Part Number: 084B4081