Copeland Emerson VFD Panel M400 30HP, 230VAC, 94 Amp

SKU: 802-2021

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The M400 minimizes downtime with an intuitive backlit LCD keypad offering a real-text, multi-language display for rapid setup and clear diagnostic help. The integrated PLC can execute a substantial range of sequencing and logic programs. The M400’s impressive I/O count complete with two STO inputs, an optional SI interface for industry standard fieldbuses, Ethernet and Modbus RTU communications. Additionally, the intuitive display makes it an ideal solution for standalone machine control.

M400 Benefits:

Enhance up-time and system flexibility

  • Flexible system integration and remote diagnostics through optional industrial ethernet and fieldbus communication
  • Flexible I/O that is expandable with SI-I/O option module
  • Enhanced functionality and onboard PLC programming provides a low-cost system solution, minimizing the need for additional equipment such as PLCs

High performance open loop motor control

  • RFC-A (Rotor Flux Control) algorithm provides exceptional induction motor control and high stability for demanding applications
  • S-ramp accel / decal profiling provides smooth speed transitions to minimize “jerk”
  • Speed control for conveyors, fans, pumps, mixers, extruders, and material payoffs where fast setup and diagnostics are required

Equivalent to Nidec Control Techniques Unidrive M400 part M400-07200750A10101AB100.

Product Details:

  • Specifications: 230VAC, 30HP, 94 Amps
  • Part Number: 802-2021