Copeland Emerson Single Channel PMAC, 20 Amp

SKU: 851-1021

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Copeland Emerson Pulse Modulating Anti-Sweat Control Single Channel PMAC 20 Amp, 120-240 VAC

The 851-1021 is a solid-state single channel Pulse Modulating and Anti-sweat Control (PMAC) unit designed to dramatically reduce the cost of operating anti-sweat heaters on medium or low temperature case doors. The PMAC pulses power to the door heaters based on environmental conditions. The PMAC cycles power to prevent condensation on the doors based on dew point and room temperature. The single channel PMAC is not a standalone unit. An Einstein or Einstein 2 controller determines the on/off duration of the PMAC using an Anti-Sweat application. The digital output from a MultiFlex board is used to operate the PMAC.


  • Full Solid-State Control
  • Quiet Operation
  • Easily added to existing systems
  • Remote communications through the BEC, RMCC, or Einstein controllers
  • Controlled by the store environment (humidity and temperature)
  • Distributed control module system
  • Easy installation


  • Physical Dimension: 6 1/8”L x 2 7/8”W x 4 1/8”T
  • AC input Voltage: 120/240VAC single phase
  • AC Input Current: 20A Circuit breaker (max)
  • Control Input: 0-12VDC

Part Number: 851-1021