Copeland Emerson PMAC II, 28 Channel

SKU: 851-1004

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Copeland Emerson Pulse Modulating Anti-Sweat Control PMAC II 28 Channel, 16 Amp Per Channel

The Pulse Modulating Anti-Sweat Control is a solid state, antisweat heater controller designed to dramatically reduce the cost of operating anti-sweat heaters on low-temperature door-type cases found in most supermarkets.

Normally, anti-sweat heaters operate continuously with no controls, even though 100% operation is required only when in-store humidity levels are high. A PMAC II provides a means for pulsing power to the heaters based on environmental conditions, so that heaters will be on for less time during periods where the in-store dewpoint is low. This reduces operating costs by limiting heater operation, and increases heater life by limiting heat cycle fatigue since the heaters are rarely turned off completely.

Depending on the model selected, the PMAC II may have 16, 20, or 28 heater channels available. Each channel supports a load of up to 16 amps.

The PMAC II relies on a site controller to control antisweat heater ON percentage based on the in-store dewpoint. The PMAC II panel is compatible with the Building Environmental Control (BEC), Refrigeration Monitor and Case Control (RMCC), and Einstein RX or BX, or an E2 site controllers.


  • Full Solid-State Control
  • Quiet Operation
  • Easily added to existing systems
  • Remote communications through the BEC, RMCC, Einstein RX/BX, or E2 controllers
  • Controlled by the store environment (humidity and temperature)
  • Centrally-located panel
  • Easy installation

Part Number: 851-1004