Copeland Emerson ACC Door Frame Temperature Sensor

SKU: 281-0002

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Door Frame Temperature Sensor

The Control Link ACC factors in the value of the temperature of the case door frame using a mounted temperature sensor. The door frame temperature sensor should be mounted to the coldest surface of the door frame. The door frame temperature sensor is supplied with a 16-foot (4.88-meter) two-wire cable, which plugs into the matching 2-pin connector on the bottom, low voltage end of the Control Link ACC (side closest to the LEDs).


  • Door Frame Temp Sensor:
    • +/- 0.4°C of 0 to 80°C (+/- .72°F of 32°F to 176°F)
    • up to +/- 0.6°C at -40°C and 120°C (+/- 1.08°F at -40°F and 248°F)

Part Number: 281-0002