Copeland Emerson ACC Dewpoint Sensor

SKU: 814-6115

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The Control Link ACC uses an external dewpoint sensor to measure the dewpoint of the outside air next to the case doors. This sensor is typically mounted directly above or to the side of the case doors.

The dewpoint sensor is supplied in a mountable enclosure with a 3-pin connector that attaches the Control Link ACC to the dewpoint sensor. The push button will increase the offset in 1 degree (Celsius) (1.8°F) increments indicated by the LED.

When Control Link ACC controllers are networked together via MODBUS, a single dewpoint sensor connected to one Control Link ACC may be shared by multiple Control Link ACC controllers.


  • Dewpoint Sensor:
    • +/- 1°C (+/- 1.8°F) over RH of 40 to 95% RH
    • +/- 4°C (+/- 7.2°F) over RH of 10 to 40% RH
  • Mounting Dimensions: 2.35" mounting hole spacing


  • Component of Control Link ACC Anti-Condensate Controller System
  • Include push button to increase offset in 1-degree increments
  • Supplied in a mountable enclosure with a 3-pin connector for attaching the control link

Part Number: 814-6115