Control Techniques Unidrive M700 690VAC 305A No Dynamic Braking Transistor

No Dynamic Braking Transistor

Required External AC Line Reactor

SKU: M700-11602630E10101AN100

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Unidrive M700 delivers maximum machine throughput through greater control with single and multi-axis network synchronization. Onboard real-time Ethernet (IEEE 1588 V2), advanced motion control and high speed I/O for position capture enables machine builders to easily create more sophisticated and flexible machines.

The onboard Ethernet is also compatible with EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP, and Real Time Motion over Ethernet (RTMoE) for network flexibility. The Unidrive M702 variant provides dual safety inputs while the Unidrive M701 replaces Ethernet connectivity with RS-485 to provide an upgrade path for the Unidrive SP.

Unidrive M700 Benefits:

  • Maximize machine productivity through integration with centralized control systems
    • Ethernet IEEE 1588 V2 hardware implementation for maximum synchronization accuracy
    • Integrated dual port Ethernet switch for easy connectivity
    • Up to three SI modules to add position feedback, I/O, machine control and industry standard fieldbuses and Ethernet communications
  • Maximize machine productivity through shaft performance with any motor technology
    • High bandwidth motor control algorithm for open and closed loop induction, synchronous permanent magnet, and servo motors with up to 3,300 Hz current loop bandwidth and 250 Hz speed loop bandwidth
    • Increase flexibility and reduce system costs through simultaneously connecting up to three* high performance encoder channels as standard
  • Onboard PLC and Advanced Motion Controller
    • Simple onboard PLC with real-time task for interfacing with the drive‚Äôs 1.5 axis Advanced Motion Controller (AMC).
    • MCi machine control module available for additional axis and network control

*The functionality is dependent upon the encoder types being used.

Product Details:

  • Specifications: 690 VAC, 3 Phase Input and Output, 50/60 Hz Input, No Dynamic Braking Transistor
  • Normal Duty: 400 HP, 305 Amps
  • Heavy Duty: 300 HP, 263 Amps
  • Dimensions H x W x D (in): 48.9 x 12.2 x 12.3
  • Weight (lbs): 138.9 lbs
  • Required External AC Line Reactor: LRH0322A
  • Alternate Line Reactor: INL603
  • Product Number: M700-11602630E10101AN100