Control Techniques Unidrive M600 690VAC 155A No Dynamic Braking Transistor

No Dynamic Braking Transistor

Required External AC Line Reactor

SKU: M600-09601310E10101AN100

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Unidrive M600 delivers increased machine performance with sensorless induction and sensorless permanent magnet motor control for dynamic and efficient machine operation.

An optional encoder port can be used for precise closed loop velocity applications and digital lock/frequency following for induction motors. Additional I/O, encoder feedback options, industry standard fieldbuses and Ethernet communications maximize system connectivity and flexibility.

Unidrive M600 Benefits:

  • Onboard PLC
    • Onboard PLC with a real-time task can be used for basic logic control, speed following and digital lock to enhance drive application capability
  • Maximize productivity with high performance control with all AC motors
    • Advanced Rotor Flux Control (RFC) algorithm for maximum stability and control, especially with high power motors
    • High bandwidth motor control algorithm with 62.5┬Ás current loop update rates
    • 200% motor overload for heavy industrial machinery applications
  • Save Energy
    • High performance control of open loop, energy-efficient industrial permanent magnet motors with dynamic control and high starting torque
  • Enhanced Control
    • High starting torque for extruders, slitters, material transport, compressors, manufacturing cranes, hydraulic replacement, ratio control, gearing, winding (coilers), web handling, metal cutting

Product Details:

  • Specifications: 690 VAC, 3 Phase Input and Output, 50/60 Hz Input, No Dynamic Braking Transistor
  • Normal Duty: 175 HP, 155 Amps
  • Heavy Duty: 150 HP, 131 Amps
  • Dimensions H x W x D (in): 42.1 x 12.2 x 11.4
  • Weight (lbs): 101.4 lbs
  • Required External AC Line Reactor: LRH0160A
  • Alternate Line Reactor: INL601
  • Product Number: M600-09601310E10101AN100