Control Techniques Unidrive M400 575VAC 150A No Dynamic Braking Transistor

No Dynamic Braking Transistor

Required External AC Line Reactor

SKU: M400-09501310E10101AN100

Unidrive M400

Quick setup and diagnostics with real text display, onboard PLC and safety inputs

  • 0.33 hp – 200 hp (0.25 kW – 132 kW) Normal Duty
  • 0.33 hp – 150 hp (0.25 kW – 110 kW) Heavy Duty
  • 115 V | 208 - 240 V | 380 - 480 V | 575 V | 690 VAC Drive Unidrive M400

Control Techniques’ Unidrive M400 variable frequency AC drive (VFD) minimizes downtime with an optional plain-text, multi-language backlit LCD keypad enabling rapid setup and clear diagnostic help.

The integrated PLC can execute a substantial range of sequencing and logic programs. Unidrive M400 has an impressive onboard I/O count, dual Safe Torque Off (STO) inputs, and can accommodate a single SI option module for additional flexibility.

The SI module has options for industry standard fieldbus, Ethernet, and expanded I/O. Additionally, an AI option slot is available for parameter cloning, 24V backup, and Modbus RTU communication options. A CI-485-ADAPTOR is also available to provide additional Modbus RTU communications in place of the optional keypad.

Minimize downtime and system setup time with advanced keypad options

  • Informative, multi-language, 3 line display aids setup and provides diagnostic information
  • 4 navigation buttons facilitate intuitive navigation and programming
  • Keypad options available: No keypad as standard
    • CI-Keypad-LCD: Drive mounted LCD plain-text keypad
    • Remote-Keypad: IP66 (NEMA 4) rapid panel mount (1 x 32 mm dia hole)
    • Remote-Keypad-RTC: IP54 (NEMA 12) panel mounted, LCD plain-text with Real-Time Clock for timestamping diagnostic information
    • No keypad (standard): Control/programming performed by PC or communications

Enhance up-time and system flexibility

  • Flexible system integration and remote diagnostics through optional industrial Ethernet and fieldbus communications
  • Flexible I/O that is expandable with SI-I/O option module
  • Unidrive M400 incorporates an onboard PLC which can execute Machine Control Studio programs for logic and sequencing with real-time tasks - removing the need for additional PLC's

Complete IEC 61131-3 programming environment

  • Structured text (ST), function block (FBD), sequential function chart (SFC), ladder diagram (LD), instruction list (IL), and continuous function chart (CFC)

Improve throughput with advanced open-loop motor control algorithms

  • Rotor Flux Control (RFC-A) provides exceptional induction motor control and high stability for demanding applications
  • S-ramp accel / decel profiling provides smooth speed transitions to minimize “jerk”
  • 180% motor overload suitable for heavy industrial machinery applications
  • Precise frequency following is possible form an encoder or frequency/direction inputs

Conform to safety standards, maximize uptime and reduce costs by integrating directly with safety systems

  • Unidrive M400 has integrated dual STO inputs for SIL3 / PLe conformity, eliminating the need for external safety components

Product Details:

  • Specifications: 575 VAC, 3 Phase Input and Output, 50/60 Hz Input, No Dynamic Braking Transistor
  • Normal Duty: 150 HP, 150 Amps
  • Heavy Duty: 125 HP, 131 Amps
  • Dimensions H x W x D (in): 42.1 x 12.2 x 11.4
  • Weight (lbs): 101.4 lbs
  • Required External AC Line Reactor: LRM0160A
  • Alternate Line Reactor: INL601
  • Product Number: M400-09501310E10101AN100