Calorflex CAEx Antifreeze Heating Cable



Antifreeze heating cable

The series heating cable CAEx is usually wound around the outer side of pipes in order to prevent the formation of ice in pipes. The cable is equipped with a bimetal thermostat in the version +3°C ± 3°C +8°C ± 3°C (also available in the version +3°C ± 3°C +13°C ± 3°C), which activates the circuit only when a specific temperature is reached, thus enabling significant energy savings. The cable is supplied cut to measure and with schuko plug to offer a practical plug-in solution: the cable length cannot be shortened by the end user.


The animal care and rearing sector uses electrical resistors in the most varied of applications: in fish tanks and reptile tanks, incubators and hatcheries, kennels for dogs and cats, and to heat shelters and small farms, and more.
Air Conditioning
Construction and installation companies for condensing and cooling units use various types of electrical resistors to prevent ice from forming and to maintain the correct temperature during defrosting and evaporation cycles.
Domestic Use
Electric blankets, heated cushions and footrests, heated surfaces, warming drawers, heated towel rails and drying cabinets: these are just some of the most common appliances which use different types of electrical resistors.
In the flower-growing sector, electrical resistors are used to monitor and maintain the temperature in greenhouses and nurseries, to help flowers, fruits and plants grow, as well as in propagator systems, and irrigation and moistening systems, and more.
Frost Protection & Snow Melting
One of the most popular applications of electrical resistors is to protect against ice and snow formation on roads, access ramps, pavements, pedestrian crossings, steps, guttering, ducts and pipes: they can help avoid expensive restoration and repair work.
Temperature Maintenance
Maintaining the correct temperature of liquids in piping, ducts, valves and fittings, containers, tanks, repositories and more is one of the main uses of our resistors.


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