MSA Bacharach PCA® 400 B-Smart® CO High Sensor

SKU: 0024-1542

The MSA Bacharach B-Smart® CO High Sensor 0024-1542 allows the PCA® 400 Combustion & Emissions Analyzer to measure Carbon Monoxide (CO) at a higher range than normal CO sensors.

MSA Bacharach B-Smart® sensors are delivered pre-calibrated and will self-calibrate themselves when properly attached and applied to their corresponding instruments for use. The process of self-calibration is similar to plugging in hardware such as a mouse or keyboard to a computer. This self-calibration process allows for a plug and use experience for even easier use of your measuring instrument.

  • B-Smart® Pre-Calibrated CO High Sensor
  • 0 – 40,000 ppm
  • Compatible with MSA Bacharach PCA® 400 Combustion and Emissions Analyzers
  • Part Number: 0024-1542