Bacharach Insight® Plus Replacement CO Sensor w/ NOx Filter

SKU: 0024-1593

Uncalibrated replacement CO sensor w/ NOx filter for Bacharach Insight® Plus Combustion Analyzers.

Replacement CO sensor for the Bacharach Fyrite® Insight® Plus Combustion Analyzer Series. Allows Bacharach Fyrite® Insight® Plus analyzers to measure CO and has a NOx filter. This CO sensor replacement is not calibrated and may need to be calibrated manually or sent in to the factory to be calibrated.

  • Uncalibrated Replacement CO Sensor
  • 0 – 4,000 ppm
  • NOx Filter
  • Compatible with Bacharach Insight® Plus Combustion Analyzers
  • Part Number: 0024-1593