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Hunter Liberty Corporation (HLC) is an energy management solutions company. Our mission is to provide energy saving solutions to original equipment manufacturers, EMS contractors, and retail business operators.


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We use our years of expertise in a wide range of industries to help provide innovative solutions to controls needs.

Together with our partners in manufacturing, our goal is to provide excellent energy management solutions to help small and large businesses:

  • Improve on food safety 
  • Improve technology and productivity to compete at a high level in the ever fast growing Global Market 
  • Help protect the environment


Our commitment is to help businesses join in support the Global cause for the need to reduce energy costs, create savings, and improve conservation. Being “green” does not have to cost more money but requires us to be smart in our choices. You will find that our products and expertise can help your company control energy costs and help you meet government mandates.

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Improve your bottom line and let us help your business become more energy efficient and reduce costs. For example, you will find that our digital controls are equal in price to electromechanical controls. Make the switch from your outdated thermostats and time clocks and step into the digital age.

Here to Serve You

Hunter Liberty Corporation has been in business since 2008. We are a customer satisfaction driven company and work hard to tailor our products and services to meet all customer’s requirements.

The staff at Hunter Liberty Corporation has over 15 years of experience in providing energy management controls solutions for heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration solutions for industrial and commercial applications. We achieve this with firm industry knowledge, years of experience, and advance background in highly innovative design, mechanical engineering, and computer technology.

We are based in the Atlanta metro area and benefit from the convenience of operating in one of the largest transportation hubs of North America. Our location allows us to serve the United Sates, Canada, Mexico and Latin America with our products and services.